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Frequent Questions

How old do you have to be to be a member of Adventure House?
Members need to be at least 18 years of age.

If I live in another county can I come to Adventure House?
Only adult residents of Cleveland County who have a severe and persistent mental illness are eligible for Adventure House.

How much does it cost to come to Adventure House?
All billing is for Adventure House services is handled through Pathways. Medicaid is billed for individuals who have Medicaid. Some private insurance companies pay for Clubhouse services as well. All other billing is set on a sliding scale fee.

Does anyone actually live at Adventure House?
Adventure House is a day program and not one actually lives at the Clubhouse.

Will I get paid for the work that I do at Adventure House?
Participation and attendance at Adventure House is voluntary. Members are not paid for the work that they do at the Clubhouse. However, there are paid employment opportunities through the transitional employment program.

How do I get an Adventure House apartment?
Housing or an Adventure House apartment is just another opportunity extended to active members of Adventure House. Applications are in the Housing Unit.

How much is the rent at one of Clubhouse Supportive Apartments?
Rent is based on income and it amounts to approximately twenty five percent of a persons income.

What are the rules at Adventure House?
There is only one rule at Adventure House. You cannot interfere a with another persons rehabilitation.

If I don’t have transportation how can I get to Adventure House?
For members who need transportation to and from the Clubhouse it can be provided by TACC.

What can I do to help Adventure House?
Finanical contributions to Adventure House are tax deductable. Our biggest need at this time is for Transistional Employment Opportunities for our members. (See Transitional Employment)

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