It’s Simple:
“Believing in People” is the Heart of Adventure House

Offering Real Opportunities

Welcome to Adventure House


Adventure House offers:
-A guaranteed right to a place to come
-A guaranteed right to meaningful work
-A guaranteed right to meaningful relationships
-A guaranteed right to a place to return

Adventure house is a community-based, rehabilitation program, where adults with mental illness can regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives. Often the smallest opportunities, a vote of confidence, or a hand extended in friendship, presents the adventure leading to a fulfilling life. We all share the same need for adequate food and shelter, the same yearning for love and acceptance, the same desire to grow and learn and the same longing to feel wanted, needed and appreciated. Participants in the program are referred to as “Members”. Membership is voluntary and without time limits.

At Adventure House, each member has a contribution to make. Gone are medication clinics, day treatment or therapy programs. Instead, our work-ordered day engages members and staff together, side by side, in the running of the Clubhouse. Like all friends and family, we find strength and support in each other. After work, it is time to relax through a variety of social and recreational activities offered by the Clubhouse.

Adventure House offers employment opportunities through our Transitional Employment program. The jobs are real jobs for real pay with local businesses. Supported housing is also available through the Clubhouse with 29 fully furnished apartment units. In addition, Adventure House offers support for members wishing to return to school and continue their education.

Adventure House offers a world full of possibilities. Our focus is on being healthy and not having an illness!

Location & Directions

We are located at:

924 N. Lafayette St.
Shelby, NC 28150

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