Social/Recreational Programs

Adventure House has been in operation since 1986 in Cleveland County.  It operates in a beautiful Southern historical home that is large enough to operate the daily routines of a Clubhouse.  The immediate feeling of the clubhouse is a strong sense of togetherness, where we work hard to make everyone feel like a part of our community.

Adventure House provides a social program that is open to members to attend a social activity and dinner once each week.  The members and staff come together once every few months for a meeting and decide on activities they would like to participate in.  These activities can include bowling, picnics, movies, talent shows, games and several other great outings and activities.  Our goal is to bring our community together to form bonds that are more relaxed in a social sitting outside of the daily work ordered day.  We are very aware that some struggle with family time during holidays so we always make sure to offer some type of togetherness during this time with brunches, parties and dinners to complete the feel of a family environment