Work-ordered Day

The Foundation of the Clubhouse Model

Our Clubhouse operates as a community where each day models a traditional workday Monday – Friday and parallels typical business hours.

Members are involved in all aspects of the Clubhouse. Members work side-by-side with Adventure House staff to complete daily activities like preparing meals, running our in-house bank, producing monthly newsletters, assuming responsibility for attendance, billing and statistical information all of which aid in maintaining the Clubhouse.

All of the work at Adventure House is necessary, meaningful and REAL! By participating in the Work Ordered Day, a sense of purpose and motivation is restored in members’ lives. This sense of purpose is crucial. It encourages and motivates members to newfound confidence and it is what makes the Work Ordered Day the operational foundation of the Clubhouse Model.

At Adventure House, there are three major units. Members may choose to work in the Kitchen, Administrative, and Snack Bar Units. These will link to a page describing the job along with photos.

  • In the Kitchen Unit, members and staff work side-by-side to prepare and serve meals to others on a daily basis. Adventure House kitchen unit has served up to 75 meals a day averaging over 1300 meals each month. The members and staff are involved in every aspect of running the unit, including: menu planning, grocery shopping, inventory, and ordering food from bulk food distributors such as Sysco.

  • Members working in the Administrative Unit Upstairs find themselves keeping attendance records, answering the phone, publishing a monthly newsletter, and giving Adventure House tours to visitors.

The Administrative Unit Downstairs is also responsible for the Members’ bank and makes daily deposits.  The Members Services unit also focuses on transitional employment, job development and tracking TE workers’ wages.

  • If a member chooses the Snack Bar for employment, they are responsible for preparing a hot breakfast and snacks at cost. The snack bar carries a wide variety of foods and provides an alternative lunch 2-3 days a week. This unit also assumes a large part of the outside maintenance and gardening.